Ginebra fotos / Pictures from Geneva, Switzerland

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The live in Geneve!


Genève en été!


 Genève in summer!


A beautiful and amazing city to visit

IMG-20150705-WA0044 20150812_123519


The most famous symbol of this city is the »jet d’eau» (water jet):


The largest water jet in Europe!!

20150613_143536  20150613_150502

During the summer you can also rent a boat and swim in the middle of the lake 😉

The water is quite cold but it’s very nice when is nice weather



The city has always funny details or decorations in the buildings:


The sunsets close to the lake are soo beautiful!!


The famous flower clock of Geneve!

IMG-20150627-WA0006  img-20150627-wa0011.jpg

It is the largest flower clock in Europe

Geneve parties in Agust! And the lake parade

IMG-20150704-WA0005  IMG-20150704-WA0007IMG-20150704-WA0009  IMG-20150704-WA0014IMG-20150705-WA0009  IMG-20150705-WA0028

The old town

IMG-20150705-WA0041  IMG-20150705-WA0044IMG-20150705-WA0058


Geneve Lake / Leman lake

During the summer the lake is a perfect solution for swimming !

There are several places around the lake where you can swim, relax or doing a barbeque!


Swimming in the lake 😉


But also around the lake is nice to walk and take some pictures



More of Genève in the summer

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